About us

BPG offers nationwide coverage supplying sites from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. We operate across a wide range of sectors including retail, leisure, manufacturing, casual dining, luxury hotels and technology – and some public sector organisations too.

A little bit of history goes a long way

Compared with other new entrant energy suppliers, we’re pretty atypical. Founded in 2015, our Directors have over 100 years’ experience in the energy industry; each bringing a proven track record to the team. Today, we specialise in supplying energy to organisations with complex energy portfolios which is manifest through multi-site operations; energy usage that equates to a top 3 overhead; and often a combination of both.

The bedrock of our business is to demonstrate we ‘can do the basics right’. For both customers and partners, this means we supplement their experience with innovative supply solutions that add demonstrable value. It’s no surprise that we’re now trusted by some of the biggest names in retail, leisure, manufacturing, casual dining, luxury hotels and technology to take care of all aspects of portfolio management, from strategy through to product availability, pricing and billing.

You’ll discover we’re not like everyone else

We recognise that there’s an appetite in the energy supply market for a refreshing and dynamic alternative
to the traditional energy suppliers. Which is why we’ve structured our business to think,
work and deliver services a little differently to the standard market model.

Totally independent

We’re not part of a faceless corporate machine; your energy supply is taken care of by real people who are knowledgeable; understand the intricacies of the energy industry; and importantly, they care.

Refreshingly transparent

We take pride in the fact we’re plain-speaking, upfront and honest; we keep things simple and pragmatic. The industry interface in retail energy supply is complex but we will navigate you through this.

Really experienced

Unlike the Big Six, our efficient and experienced staff operate a policy of first contact resolution where possible; you will always deal with a human being who takes ownership in communicating with you.

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