Designed for larger businesses, we specialise in flexible electricity and gas contracts that offer you greater control over your energy procurement.

Gas Products

Gas products


Electricity products

Electricity Products


Our route to market

If you’re an established energy consultancy operating in the I&C sector, let’s explore how we can add value to you and your customers.

We specialise in flexible energy contracts

Creative Supply Solutions

Creative supply solutions

We’re a flexible supplier that takes time to understand the challenges you face and the unique nature of your portfolio. One of our key strengths is our flexibility through our independence and streamlined decision-making hierarchy. This approach means we can support and implement creative solutions to energy supply in a timely fashion.

Credit Mitigation Solutions

Credit mitigation solutions

Unlike the traditional end of the supply market, we’re nimble, flexible and able to look at customer needs on an individual basis rather than through a computer application or rigid corporate lens. Our flat organisational model means we empower our commercial team to offer-up truly collaborative solutions that work for large I&C businesses with complex financial and organisational structures including off-balance sheet support.

Getting the fundamentals right

Operationally, we take pride in getting the fundamental things right that many other suppliers don’t. For example, we invoice you in a timely and accurate manner (our business model simply wouldn’t work if we didn’t!). Plus, we operate a strict policy of only allocating payments against accounts that are reflected on a remittance.


We believe in customer service delivered by real people who care. We don’t have a sales or telesales team and you won’t find us on price comparison websites. We like to think we retain and grow our customer and Partner base through our strong billing performance, a focus on Account Management and by getting the basics right.