We see Energy Consultants (and Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) as Ofgem likes to call you) as our long-term partners; together we deliver the best solutions to business customers.

How we work with Energy Consultants

Relationship management

We establish a suite of documents that will govern our relationship including a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Consultancy Agreement, Management Fee Agreement and Trading Agreement. We require Letters of Authority to be in place for all customers.

Adding value

We work hard to understand where you’re at in your evolution and how we can add value. Our goal is to ensure you deliver the optimum solution for your customers through both our strategic and operational support.

Individual approach

We will allow you access to electricity and gas flexible purchasing arrangements on significantly lower volume thresholds than the traditional players. And, we’ll treat you on your own merits based on your individual circumstances

Building trust

We like to start our relationships by exploring an opportunity – no matter how small – for doing business together. This helps us get a good feel for each other and enables us to demonstrate our credentials and prove that we’re true to our word.

Varied options

We operate flexible baskets and consortiums for smaller energy users and bespoke flexible arrangements for larger organisations in line with their risk appetite. We can also explore conventional and non-conventional energy supply solutions that enable you to rely on us as an approved and trusted partner.

Proactive communication

We advocate regular performance reviews and believe that regular communication holds the key to unlocking powerful synergies to our mutual benefit.

What to expect from BPG Energy


Our fresh, disruptive approach sets us apart from traditional energy suppliers.


We make long-term investments in our people, systems & infrastructure.


We have deep established relationships with all key industry participants.


We offer innovative terms (fixed price & flexible) for both end-users & partners.


We’re not faceless - our customers speak to real people who care, not a call centre.


You benefit from our sophisticated in-house industry interface & billing engine.

We’re here with the answers

We’ve gathered together some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked.

We do work with brokers – but we do not deal with brokers who predominantly operate with micro-businesses or SMEs.

Yes, we supply customers of varying sizes that deal with BPG directly.


We certainly can help you. Even though we cannot advise you when to purchase energy, we have tools and software that can be provided to help inform your decision. We will also support you in explaining the different mechanisms that exist.


Moving a portfolio from an incumbent supplier can be a cause for concern. However we want everyone in the process to feel confident. Transfer readings form a big part of the Consultant and Customer’s consideration in transferring energy supplier especially for large multi-site portfolios. BPG, for example, can provide details of the D0086 electricity transfer readings to demonstrate that we will always raise our invoices to these readings despite the outgoing supplier often using estimates. This empowers our Partners to validate invoices which we consider to be vital for them to know that our billing is accurate.

If your customer wants to protect their commodity exposure and purchase energy on a long term horizon but they cannot access a long term flexible framework because of their credit position, we’re often able to help. We will explore numerous options to give the customer what they want if we can mitigate our credit exposure. This can include cash margining to cover the mark-to-market risk and advance payment or a combination of both.